Products Chronology

A150 Horizontal Compressor (2016)
New size

UV24 New Air End casting (2015)
Largest vertical layout

UV100 Twin Vacuum Pump (2014)
Two UV50 combined, installed in USA first

UV Ex Vacuum Pump Air-Ends (2013)
Vacuum solutions for explosive environment

A VS Variable Speed Series (2012)
Variable capacity for high energy savings

A400 Air Compressor (2012)
250 kW - largest air-cooled, single-stage rotary vane model worldwide

A.4 Compressor Series for low pressure (2011)
For application from 2.5 to 4 bar(g)

UV B Double-stage Vacuum Pump Series (2010)
Higher vacuum levels for drying applications

UV BP Vacuum Pump (2009)
Dedicated machines for baking with food grade coolant

A Series Compressors HR version (2008)
Heat recovery with combined air and/or water cooling

A Series Air Compressors (2007)
Motor size according to compressed air pressure value (up to 4, 8 or 10 bar)

UV VS Variable Speed Series (2005)
For constant capacity and/or vacuum level

UV4 H Vacuum Pump for vapor suction (2005)
Extraordinary water tolerance

UR26 Compressor (2005)
160 kW air cooled, also for tropical climate

UR Explosion-proof Compressors (2004)
Tailor made ATEX units for petrochemical industry

UR18 Compressor (2003)
110 kW air cooled

UF40 Compressor, 250 kW (2002)
Largest air cooled rotary vane, with separate cooling cabin

UVL and UVD Vacuum Pump Series (2001)
Low capacity, compact units for non-continuous use

UV50 Vacuum Pump (2000) 2700 m3/h, 75 kW
World's largest air cooled, single stage rotary vane pump

UR12 Compressor (2000) 745 m3/h, 75 kW
New 75 kW compressor (the UP12 was 90 kW) - CE certified and suitable for humid climates

UV8 Vacuum Pump (2000) 462 m3/h, 11 kW
Evolution of the UV6, provides more capacity and efficiency

UV16 Vacuum Pump (2000) 971 m3/h, 22 kW
Evolution of the UV16, providing higher capacity and efficiency

UR6-9 Compressors (1999) 355/550 m3/h, 37/55 kW
New CE-certified 50 HP compressor, suitable for humid climates

T10 Compressor (1998) 68 m3/h, 7,5 kW
The T10 replaces the UR1, the smallest of the T Series

UF18-26 Compressors (1998) 1110/1525 m3/h, 110/160 kW
Cast iron base - Evolution of the UP18 with simplified structure and optimized pre-separation

UV30 Vacuum Pump (1998) 1775 m3/h, 55 kW
Maximum-capacity rotary vacuum pump with coolant injection system - with cabin and mono-block - no oil vapor emission. Very successful worldwide. - After 50 years, the glorious V100 are finally replaced

T30-20 Compressors (1997) 168/102 m3/h, 18,5/11 kW
Last small-scale models, completing Pneumofore's T Series. All models are air-cooled and have 1ppm of oil residual(25-15 HP)

UP18-26 Compressors (1993) 1080/1480 m3/h, 110/160 kW
First model with iron base, noisy but provides outstanding performance

UV6-16 Vacuum Pumps (1993) 428/942 m3/h, 11/30 kW
Rotary Vane technology applied to vacuum pumps, air-cooled

UR3-2 Compressors (1992) 166/103 m3/h, 18,5/11 kW
First rotary compressor with aluminium coolers in cabins

UR1 Compressor (1991) 51 m3/h 5,5 kW
Final evolution into the modern aluminium cooler

UP9-12 Compressors (1986) 530/745 m3/h, 55/90 kW
Restyling of the U9 axial fan with 2 speeds, for better thermoregulation

UP1 Compressor (1986) 51 m3/h, 5,5 kW
Restyling of the U1, with further simplification

UP6-3 Compressors (1985) 336/166 m3/h, 37/18,5 kW
Evolution of the U6, with better thermoregulation and electropneumatic control

U9-12 Compressors (1981) 530/745 m3/h, 55/90 kW
Large-scale compressors with vertical mixture coolers and radial fans

U1 Compressor (1981) 51 m3/h, 5,5 kW
U1 the smallest of this series

U6-3 Compressors (1978) 336/166 m3/h, 37/18,5 kW
First, and for 20 years the only, rotary compressor with vertical axis - Evolution of the UF6 with cabin - Wide coolers with round pipes and turbulators - oil separation with borosilicate cartridges

UF6-3 Compressors (1970) 336/166 m3/h, 37/18,5 kW
First compressor with intensive coolant injection system, air-cooled. Produced after intense and in-depth collaboration with ETHZ research institutes, rewarded with international patents

FA3 Compressor (1965) 5 HP
Air-cooled - Vertical layout - Copy of 1937's FA15 - 5 HP motor

F360 Compressor (1964) 3720 m3/h, 500 HP
Last compressor to be designed by Pneumofore's founder Giacomo Hilfiker (540 HP)

F29 Compressor (1959) 280 m3/h, 41 HP
Prototype with F28 cylinder, 4-pole motor and iron base

MSV2-9 Vacuum Pump + Blower (1957) 25/114 m3/h, 1/4 HP
New development of air-cooled mono-block vacuum blower pumps, mainly used for typography

F200 Compressor (1957) 2080 m3/h, 270 HP
For many years the maximum unit power (300 HP) for a single-stage rotary compressor

FB10 Compressor (1954) 95 m3/h, 17 HP

F120 Compressor (1952) 1237 m3/h, 170 HP
First Pneumofore compressor with sliding rings - Hundreds of these are still functionning all over Italy and Europe. The base was initially made in iron. In 1968 a cast-iron base was built for better air/oil separation and less noise.

V100 Vacuum Pump (1949) 1220 m3/h, 35 HP
Development of a pump, which had been produced for 48 years and immediately obtained an unprecedented final single-stage vacuum: 14 mbar of residual pressure (98% vacuum)

Z90-200 Oil burner (1947)
Heavy oil burner with turbo-fan and pulverizer cone, used in big buildings, cinemas and industrial plants

FA7-19 Compressors (1943)
Air-cooled compressors in cast iron mono-block with cooling fins

F28-40 Compressors (1939) 280/415 m3/h, 42/60 HP
Ten years later two new models of water-cooled industrial compressors with cast iron base are produced - Many of these are still functioning

FA15 Compressor (1937) 2,5 HP
Vertical layout - First air-cooled rotary compressor with vertical layout, 2,5 HP

E10-60 Oil burner (1935)
New series of mono-block heavy oil burners used for domestic heating

F80 Compressor (1935) 765 m3/h, 110 HP
Last industrial compressor, significantly contributes to industrial development in Italy and Europe

FC9 Compressor (1932)
Air-cooled - First air-cooled single-stage rotary compressor with oil injection system - 30 HP motor

FC17 Compressor (1932)

SP0 Blower (1932)
New series of blowers for oil burners

SP1 Blower (1932)
For oil burners - Major model of the SP 0 - SP 1-2-3-4-5

FM9-18 Compressors (1929) 93/181 m3/h, 15/30 HP
First water-cooled mono-block, single-stage compressor

A12 Compressor (1927) 10 HP
The very first single-stage compressor with coolant injection system - 25 HP - A unique, revolutionary solution created by Pneumofore's technicians, at a time when single-stage piston compressors were dominating the market

V6/6 Vacuum Pump (1927)
Double-stage vacuum pump, 980 rpm, 1,5 mm Hg residual pressure

V45 Vacuum Pump (1927) 524 m3/h, 15 HP
Double-stage - First medium-size vacuum pump, used for chemical industry and food manufacturing

C45 Compressor (1927) 406-460 m3/h, 20-43 HP
Low pressure (2-3 bar) - Used in glass industry for bottle production

SA4 Blower (1927)
Air-cooled S4 model replaces water-cooled C4 model, Pneumofore starts avoiding use of industrial water whenever possible

F18 Compressor (1927) 180 m3/h, 30 HP
30 HP motor - Second, modified prototype of major single-stage rotary compressor

V4 Vacuum Pump (1926)
Aluminium vanes - First of many V-MV-UV Series vacuum pumps

V14-20 Vacuum Pumps (1926) 174/228 m3/h, 7,5 HP
Aluminium vanes - Pneumofore's innovative use of aluminium vanes remained unique for over 40 years

S4-20 Blowers (1926)
Used with heavy oil burners

C4 Compressor (1925)
Low pressure - cylinder used as S4 blower

C9 Compressor (1925) 91-102 m3/h, 4,5-11,5 HP
Low pressure - Series of compressors (2-3 bar), blowers and C4-9-20-35 vacuum pumps

  • Air Compressors
    When the air end is the most durable part of a compressor, it is a Pneumofore machine
  • Vacuum Pumps
    Rotary vane vacuum systems for small and large applications require high efficiency and reliability

simple, reliable & durable

Direct coupling means few moving parts, low rotation speed, low temperature. This virtually eliminates repairs and ensure superior reliability and longevity.

high energy savings

Air cooling through vertical layout, direct coupling, and intensive oil injection can result in up to 70% less power usage than other systems.

designed for extremes

Tested and proven for high performance in desert and tropical climates and available for special requirements like explosive gas or food safety.

low cost of operation

Low maintenance, negligible repairs, high energy savings and high reliability (no production downtime) make this the least costly long-term option available today.

easy to install and run

Ready-to-use turnkey system with optional Variable Speed drive. No foundation or water needed. Compact footprint with heat recovery. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

first class support

Each unit comes with integration engineering and a 5-years warranty. Extraordinary and regular service by Pneumofore certified professionals is available worldwide.