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Hundreds of PH B alternative compressors were delivered worldwide for this packaging application

Compressor PH3 B20

Our customer's success is our success. The worldwide leader supplier of equipment and services to packaging manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible material industries, relies on Pneumofore solutions. More than 200 units of PH B compressors are running to support Bobst machines in the packaging industry.

Compressor PH3 B20The most popular machines are the PH 3 B20 and the PH 5,5 B20 piston compressors with small power of 3 and 5,5 kW [4 and 7.5 hp] assembled on a receiver of 20 lt [5.3 gall]. When changing the rubber on the drums, the operator takes advantage of the high pressure of 20 bar [290 psi] to detach fast and easy the cylindrical dragger. Depending on the size of the packaging machine, the compressors are either installed within the machine itself or used as mobile device on wheels for use on different drums of the production line.

In the early years of our collaboration, Pneumofore was the high pressure compressor supplier of Rotomec, now part of the global active Bobst Group. The change of rubbers happens during down times of the production. With 24/7 operation of most packaging factories, these processes must happen without delay. The switch from one final product to the next is a delicate step with no tolerance of mistake or time loss. The PH B compressors start at atmospheric pressure and compress air multi-stage to achieve 20 bar [290 psi]. The receiver of 20 lt [5.3 gall] is a buffer for prolonged operation. In the Bobst case, the 20 bar [290 psi] compressors do not take standard plant air of about 8 bar [116 psi] to boost it up to 20 bar [290 psi]. By doing so, the peak requirement of high pressure air becomes independent from the continuous plant compressed air supply.

The PH B alternative compressors are air cooled and have proven to be reliable and durable for operation in packaging plants worldwide. Their simple and sturdy design, combined with the silent operation dictated by the CE norms, as well as the various options available, make them the preferred solution. Without compromise on quality, these Pneumofore machines are assembled with all safety protections, special steel pipes, pressure gauge, non-return and safety valve. Star Delta starters are installed on larger units, although less frequent, with more than 5,5 kW [7.5 hp].

Logo Bobst GroupCustomers with Pneumofore PH B compressors are OEM independent, maintenance and repair are executed easily. However, the worldwide net of Service Centers gives additional guarantee for a fast and professional After Sales. The sales of these compressors result in high numbers because of the successful references, when you see such a unit in operation, operators claim full satisfaction due to trouble-free operation on minimal space requirement.

January 2011


simple, reliable & durable

Direct coupling means few moving parts, low rotation speed, low temperature. This virtually eliminates repairs and ensure superior reliability and longevity.

high energy savings

Air cooling through vertical layout, direct coupling, and intensive oil injection can result in up to 70% less power usage than other systems.

designed for extremes

Tested and proven for high performance in desert and tropical climates and available for special requirements like explosive gas or food safety.

low cost of operation

Low maintenance, negligible repairs, high energy savings and high reliability (no production downtime) make this the least costly long-term option available today.

easy to install and run

Ready-to-use turnkey system with optional Variable Speed drive. No foundation or water needed. Compact footprint with heat recovery. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

first class support

Each unit comes with integration engineering and a 5-years warranty. Extraordinary and regular service by Pneumofore certified professionals is available worldwide.